Initial Examination


Office Visit


Expanded Office Visit ( > 15 mins <30 mins)


Extended Office Visit ( > 30 mins)

$60.00/15 minute interval

Follow Up / Re Examination


Report Fee

$100.00 minimum

Narrative Report

$350.00 hour

Medico – Legal Reports

$100.00 for up to 15 minutes, over 15 minutes the hourly rate of $300.00 hour will apply.
Court or Inquiry Appearance:
Minimum of 2 hours payable.
Any cancellations not received within 24 hours of appearance will still require the minimum 2 hour fee.

Telephone Consultation

$40 / 10 min

Photocopy Patients Records

1st 5 pages: $30.00 plus
$1.50 each for each additional page

X-ray interpretation


Custom Orthotics


Important Note: Individual Chiropractors are free to charge fees outside this recommended fee guide. It is important to check with the respective Chiropractor to obtain of a copy of their respective fee schedule in advance of requesting their services.

Fees for Chiropractic Specialists are not part of the above fee schedule, Please check with individual Specialist to determine applicable rates.

Previous Fee schedules

2022 Fee Schedule