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Message to Injured Workers requiring ongoing Chiropractic Care

Despite a public commitment by WHSCC to continue to pay for necessary chiropractic services for injured workers, chiropractors who are working outside of a contract have been unable to secure written approvals for most patients that require ongoing treatment in relation to a work related injury. Chiropractors have committed to ensuring that injured workers have […]

Real life cases from chiropractors/injured workers on effects of administrative barriers on health of injured workers.

Please Note: Although the following cases are based on real occurrences, information that may identify individuals associated with these cases have been changed in order to protect confidentiality. May 19, 2016: Case 4: 35-year-old female with repetitive strain injury associated with data entry, computer and keyboard work. Taken off work due to pain and functional disability. […]

Chiropractors continue to provide care to some injured workers: Administrative barriers still affecting care of others

As of May 18th, 2016 Chiropractors will continue to bill directly to WHSCC for care that has been previously authorized however chiropractors will no longer complete 8/10 reports as these reports impose significant time burdens on chiropractors and are being imposed on chiropractors in an inequitable manner. As a result, patients who have been previously […]

Prevent Back Pain by Packing it Light and Wearing it Right!

You need only watch how students struggle while they walk with an overloaded backpack to understand the potential health risks to their backs and spines. Hauling heavy backpacks on a continual basis can cause stress to the growing spinal column, which could lead to a lifetime of pain and health problems.To prevent back and neck […]

Chiropractor named as Honourary Chair of Easter Seals Regatta

July 17, 2014 To: ALL MEDIA From: NLCA Subject: Local Chiropractor named Honourary Chair of Easter Seals Regatta. Dr. Randy Follett DC has been named the honourary chair of the 24th annual Easter Seals Regatta which will take place on Saturday July 26th, 2014 at the Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club. Dr. Follett has a longstanding […]