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Back Tips

When your back hurts, many other things suffer, too. Your energy…

Posture Perfect

Good posture not only makes you look better, it also delivers…

Myths & Facts

It is easy to confuse myths and facts when it comes to back pain.…

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches can be related to muscles tightening in the…

Neck pain

Prevention Tips Warm up before and stretch out after physical…

Plant & Rake

Gardening is a great outdoor activity anyone can enjoy. But,…

Shovel Light

During the winter months snow shoveling can be a pain, considering…

Good Night Sleep

Good Night's Sleep Everyone knows there’s nothing like a…

Lift Right

Bend your knees to lift with ease. From moving planters to picking…

Coverage for Chiropractic Care

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Section B of motor vehicle policies covers the cost of chiropractic treatment for injuries as the result of a MVA.

Work Place Injuries

WHSCC provides chiropractic treatment for injured workers. Workers with new injuries (within 90 days of date of injury) can begin treatment without pre-approval from WHSCC… Read More

Extended Health Care

Most extended health insurances (Blue Cross, Great West Life, Desjardins etc…) have limited coverage for chiropractic examination and treatments. Check with your carrier for more information.

It’s time to Straighten Up Canada and improve your spinal health!

Canada’s chiropractors have developed an app for that. Straighten Up Canada is a FREE, easy-to-perform posture program that you can use in just three minutes a day. It’s the only free Canadian app specifically designed and completely dedicated to improving posture and spinal health.

The Straighten Up Canada program can be practised almost anywhere and is a great warm up, cool down, stand-alone routine or ergonomic break.