Message to Injured Workers requiring ongoing Chiropractic Care

Despite a public commitment by WHSCC to continue to pay for necessary chiropractic services for injured workers, chiropractors who are working outside of a contract have been unable to secure written approvals for most patients that require ongoing treatment in relation to a work related injury.

Chiropractors have committed to ensuring that injured workers have access to necessary care however in the absence of written approval prior to treatment, injured workers will be required to assume the cost of care and seek reimbursement from WHSCC.

We are aware that your case manager may have called to inform you that your chiropractor is not able to collect payment for care that is provided to you however it is clear that injured workers are being misinformed in a number of cases. Therefore it is necessary that our patients are clearly informed that chiropractors are only able to bill directly to WHSCC when they have been informed in writing that they are entitled to payment by the commission in relation to your work related injury. In the absence of this approval in writing, the term “injured worker” is not applicable with respect to treatment and therefore there is no restriction on the ability of a patient to pay for services that they receive.

While the province’s chiropractors would prefer to invoice directly to WHSCC for the care that you receive, as a result of the unwillingness of WHSCC to provide written approval to your chiropractor for your individual care, your chiropractor is unable to invoice WHSCC for this care.

If you have concerns with your eligibility for payment by WHSCC, please contact your case manager and ensure that your chiropractor receives approval to invoice WHSCC for care. If your case manager is willing to provide written approval for your care in advance of your appointment, your chiropractor will invoice WHSCC for your care for as long as this approval remains in effect.

In the absence of approval by WHSCC, it is your right to continue to receive necessary health care services that you require and your chiropractor will continue to provide this care to you at their established office rates for non-WHSCC patients.