Chiropractors continue to provide care to some injured workers: Administrative barriers still affecting care of others

As of May 18th, 2016 Chiropractors will continue to bill directly to WHSCC for care that has been previously authorized however chiropractors will no longer complete 8/10 reports as these reports impose significant time burdens on chiropractors and are being imposed on chiropractors in an inequitable manner. As a result, patients who have been previously authorized for care as an injured worker whose approval has expired will be required to pay for care upfront in the absence of a written approval from WHSCC that your care is eligible and approved for billing directly to WHSCC. This will also apply to those patients presenting for treatment of an initial injury as information on the nature of this injury will no longer be relayed to WHSCC via 8/10 forms due to the unwillingness of WHSCC to reimburse chiropractors for the information that they provide on these forms in an equitable manner.

If you feel that your injuries are the result of a workplace injury please contact your case manager to ensure that your chiropractor has received approval to invoice WHSCC directly before your visit. Treatment that is not approved in writing in advance of your visit will require payment at the time of examination or treatment.